this is a blog (big reveal) but more than that it’s a work in progress. the person who writes this blog is probably someone you have never seen or met in the “real world”. in almost every case, this is ideal. the subject material of these posts will likely become more varied over time, and many will show sides of me i do not wish for just anyone to know about. secrets are essential in any healthy relationship.

hopefully, that preamble bored you out of wanting anything to do with this blog. side-effects of reading what i write are so potentially horrifying i dare not list them out here. とにかく、 i’m sure you have better things to do than read the ramblings of someone who is unironically a ニート, ひきこもり, and アニメオタク。

content warning: posts may contain content or references to stuff (including ideas) you may find offensive or off-putting. there is a decent chance of strong language every now and then. i take no responsibility for anything on my blog, and i am also not responsible if you don’t like it. if i remember to, i will try and put more specific content warnings on individual posts, and if i don’t, well… tough. i’m not expecting many to read my blog anyway.

thank yous and giving credit where credit is due

most importantly, if there’s something you don’t like about me or about what i have to say, the following individuals and so on have absolutely NOTHING to do with my opinions and content on my blog; moreover, they absolutely in NO WAY WHATSOEVER mean to imply any of them share any of my opinions. i have some controversial opinions but they are mine. don’t drag innocent people into drama. there’s too much drama on (and off) the internet already.

and without further ado,

thank you: