kenja no mago and other anime

posted 2019年 6月27日

kenja no mago

was not worth the time i spent watching it. the bad far outweighed any redeeming qualities it might have. the premise was unimaginative, the humour was consistantly lacking, and the storytelling and plot direction were clunky and forced. to be fair, all of these problems seemed incredibly likely by just reading the synopsis, but i wanted to give it a go anyway. however, there is something that has been troubling me about this and i’m hoping by writing things down i’ll come to a better understanding of why and how.

the thing that’s been eating at me

this show was without a doubt one of worst ones i will have watched this season, yet it’s also one of the first that i actually finished. i did finish tate no yuusha first, but the fact remains i have not yet finished senko-san, hitoribocchi, the first half of kimetsu no yaiba, almost all of bungou stray dogs 3, much of fairy gone, and i haven’t even put a dent into shingeki no kyojin 3 or dororo (which i’m pretty sure was last season).

giving myself some credit

in all fairness, it’s not that i’ve been intentionally neglecting any of these other shows, but obviously a) it’s easier to binge watch shows when they’ve finished airing and b) i watched a lot of anime which are no longer “current”. more than i watched current shows at any rate. i have no regrets for this. i saw some pretty smegging good stuff. off the top of my head there’s perfect blue, mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo?, fate stay/night, and the brilliant classic anime film akira which i honestly wasn’t sure i’d enjoy all that much. i also watched aiura which honestly just by watching induced the same sort of effects i could expect from certain types of drugs, as well as started some other older shows and re-watched some shows with online friends.

going by this, i would say that the fact i finished kenja no mago says very little about the quality of the show overall, except that it’s a show that has little to no reason to be seen when it isn’t currently airing. it tried to set itself up for a sequel, but i hope it doesn’t get one. i want sequels for shows that i think are good and that are long overdue for one in many cases.

that’s all folks

that’s all the time i have today, but perhaps i’ll write more about the shows i mentioned here that i enjoyed at some later date. we’ll see. until then,

live long and prosper