posted 2019年 7月17日

mini post #1

i watched paprika again. i don’t know what the name of this green^420 is that i got but i was able to see paprika in a brand new, psychedelic yet satisfyingly lucid——kind of way. so i guess that just makes it so i am proclaiming that now the “baked or wasted” part of the paprika blog post ought to conclude that in my experience [thus far] it is safe to say the answer to the question that is that heading is easily: baked.

super fun side note: the first time i typed that i accidentally wrote it as basted ^^

also look forward to part two of my last post. in it i will also be giving a mini japanese lesson on insulting someone: by example from one of those two shows. i don’t recommend reading either posts if you care about your sanity. i mean, how many times have i warned you on this site, if you’re one who’s looked at at least a few pages? is your sanity worth so little? in the meantime,

stay tasty, mate o/