a little more about me: part 2

posted 2019年 8月13日

recap: i’ve been going over this list from my fedi profile:

        free sw, read/writing, philosophy, gaming, music, CUTENESS, learning japanese!

and so far i’ve talked a little about free software and reading.

which of course brings us to:

02.1 writing

writing is something i’ve always enjoyed doing. i have a plethora of stories, poems, songs, and other complete and incomplete works i’ve written dating back decades in physical and digital storage. unfortunately most of it is, at this time, missing. there is a good chance much is gone forever. i’m not too concerned about that, though, to be honest because most of what i’ve written is garbage and saved in the first place because (a) i’m a hoarder and (b) i like to see the progress in quality i’ve made over my life.

that i enjoy writing is evidenced in the existence of this blog itself. it is also a goal of mine to one day publish a novel. there’s a possibility of me posting past works on this blog, or even current ones, some time in the future. time will tell.

03 philosophy

i have spent countless hours in the study of philosophy, both of my own design and that of others’. i’ve already written a little about my philosophical beliefs and stances in previous posts—like the one titled i know nothing; i see nothing; i hear nothing. in that post i attempt to describe what could be considered one of (if not the definitive) core philosophical belief of mine.

i will explore this topic in more depth at a later time. 多分。

04 gaming

there are, of course, many types of games and therefore many types of gaming. the gaming i am referring to in my little blurb is inclusive of many types of gaming. i like board games, card games, mind games, tabletop/pen and paper role-playing games, (mostly retro) console gaming, collectible/trading card games, and (mostly retro) computer gaming, to name some broadly-defined types of gaming i like.

i love playing (and am terrible at) chess. also fun to play and a lot newer (and another i lack a great deal of skill in) is nintendo’s super smash bros. franchise which i’ve been playing since the original for the nintendo 64. another nintendo gem is the animal crossing franchise, of which i’ve played/owned the original, the 3ds version, and for the first several months it was available i played animal crossing: pocket camp on android.

i own but don’t really play anymore a new nintendo 3ds xl. when i was spending a lot of my time playing on it, however, the three games that stand out as being the games i spent the most time playing were:

  • animal crossing: new leaf
  • fire emblem fates/if: all three routes
  • dragon quest ix: sentinels of the starry skies (a ds game i played iirc mostly on my 3ds)
    • i would have won this one except i lost tons of hours of progress because i didn’t save frequently enough and the system died or something. i was so smegging close to winning and my progress was set back so far i kind of lost heart. ;;

historically, my favourite video game of all time has been megaman x/rockman x for the super famicom/snes (although this is most likely no longer the case. my current favourite video game of all time is unknown). there was a time i could sit down and play through megaman x using 100% original nintendo hardware in a single sitting. i can no longer do this, but it’s possible i will be able to again if i try (i still own the cartridge, console, and controller—all of which are known to be in working order).

i am going to end this blog entry here, but i’m not done talking about gaming. in part 3 i will talk more about: 90s dos games including god of thunder, ttrpgs, the mobile gacha game i played for a few years (read: was hopelessly addicted to for a few years), pokemon rom hacks, and more.

as always: stay tasty o/