this blog post is just filler

posted 2019年 9月10日

i needed to write a blog post. or i suppose i ought to say i wanted to write a blog post. there are some blog posts in the works (meaning absolutely no work has been done on them but i know what i will be writing them on) but i can’t really write them yet. the posts will be about anime i’m watching and haven’t finished yet (along with some i have finished but haven’t decided what to say about them yet).

am i making this blog an anime reviewing blog?

no. that’d be silly for me to do. my knowledge of anime isn’t that extensive and my knowledge of what goes into the creating of anime is even less so. and i don’t see any benefit of limiting the scope of my blog when i’m already only posting less than once a week.

what will i be writing about in the near(-ish) future?

well, i will eventually finish getting through the rest of the “more about me” posts that nobody wanted, hopefully in a way that resembles something interesting.

seven anime i plan on rambling about at some point sooner than later:

  • aku no hana
  • urara meirochou
  • flip flappers
  • sounan desu ka
  • machikado mazoku
  • kanata no astra
  • dr stone

maybe not as soon as some other posts i also have plans on writing about my feelings towards some of the available frontends for pleroma and what i think a good fe would be like.

oh and guess what

this post may be smegging boring but at least it wasn’t crazy long.

stay tasty o/