i bought a thinkpad

posted 2019年12月 5日

there are reasons the older thinkpads are so popular among certain technology-enthusiast subcultures. in case you don’t know about this “hype” (for lack of a better word) or know it exists but don’t know the reasons for wanting one, here’s a quick list off the top of my head:

  • durable
  • cheap if you buy at the right time
  • modular
    • easily reparable
    • easily upgradable
  • keyboard
  • trackpoint
  • decent specs
  • libreboot/coreboot compatibility
  • docks (you can even buy a battery it docks into)

basically, they are laptops that were built to last a very long time and to be easily reparable and upgradable by the owner. and customisability is a natural byproduct of that, of course. i’ve wanted one for a long time but never saw any of the specific models i wanted at a price even close to what i’d heard other people had gotten theirs for. [insert generic filler sentences where the punchline is the title of the blog post]

from the listing:

Lenovo ThinkPad X220 12.5” Laptop Core i5-2540M, 8 GB, 120gb SSD, IPS panel, Dock + Extras. Condition is Used.

Comes with


2x 90w Lenovo chargers

2x extended Lenovo batteries

1x USB 3 card

1x Docking station

The keyboard is amazing. The ssd card is in the MSATA which means the hard drive bay is open to add another 2.5 inch hard disk for storage! […]

there was no buy it now option so i had to bid on it. there was a little over a day before the auction ended when i happened across it.

so what did it cost you?

that’s the question i’d be asking if i were reading this instead of writing it, because of my limited budget. it ended up costing, in usd, roughly $130 + $25 shipping = ~$155 in total.

i will be blogging about my impressions of the actual laptop some time after it arrives (eta: 12 december 2019). i am kind of hoping to actually write that blog post on the thinkpad itself, so it may take some time before i have everything configured on there. i may even be able to get two blog entries (excluding this one) out of this. one about the laptop itself, and one about installing the os and such.


i’m trying to keep these short enough so that you don’t get bored. but, i do have tendencies to ramble quite a bit. having a blog is a way to post my ramblings on the internet in case anyone finds something in them interesting. if they are too long they probably aren’t formatted well and walls of text isn’t something i think many people find very interesting.

on that note

i am going to make an optimistic prediction: that my next post will be written soon ※ this is the optimistic part and its topic will be something anime related. but until then, my nectarous readers:

stay tasty o/