unplanned, unscripted, unedited

posted 2020年 3月30日

the following took me three days to write and i don’t remember what most of it says. hopefully i don’t regret posting it unedited:

i have no idea what to write about.

hold up; that’s not true.

there’s lots to write about. a plethora of topics and ideas and other fish i could choose from are swimming in my head, but every nibbler keeps getting away. i could be playing the new animal crossing like the rest of the world and have better luck there, except i can’t because a switch and everything i would need to buy with it is not something i can afford. when i have enough money i could conceptually actually purchase everything involved in acquiring a nintendo switch, i can assure you there are other things higher on my priority list i will be spending that money on. this is certainly a shame, as my online handle has direct connections to the animal crossing franchise, not to mention the smash bros franchise as well.

the pandemic

yah; i’ll do it. i’ll talk about the corona virus like everybody else has been. only i’m going to say very little and as i don’t know what exactly it is yet that i will say, there is a good chance whatever it is will be severely lacking in substance. first, the government of the united states is stupid, greedy, and petulant.


at this point i stopped for the moment and days went by as i mostly just slept.

what i think’s obviously happening in the us right now (based on the last information i gathered which is a couple days old now but i doubt anything has happened that might make me reconsider; if it has, i will try and remember to update this with an edit giving my new opinion), is in order to make sure that the power stays in the hands of the capitalist elite, the outrageous downplaying of the scope of the effects corona virus is going to have in the us if things continue on their current trajectory and the suppression of factual and life-saving information is all being done so the election goes as planned. the elite throughout history have always considered themselves superior to the lower classes of people. rather, they don’t think of us as people. people can read diary entries and letters and things sent between these elite people and such but it’s hard to imagine that things are that way now, isn’t it?

the real question is why would it be possibly be any different now than it was before?


i took another nap. i can’t afford to wait until i’ve finished to post this.

the end

o/ stay tasty, people of earth!