one year later...

posted 2021年 4月15日

the fact it has taken me a year to put out another blog post is, quite frankly, rather embarrassing. what is by far even more embarrassing is that i still don't have my static site generator set up again yet (i am actually planning on replacing it with a series of shell scripts i haven't yet written) so i'm having to write this directly in html. true, it could be a lot worse, but i can't deny it is rather tedious.

on the bright side...

well, actually, a lot of good things have happened in the last year. a lot of not-so-good stuff did, too, but right now i'm writing about the good things. one such good thing would be my cat, for example. i guess technically she's not mine yet, but for the sake of simplicity i will be referring to her as either "my cat" or the name i gave her, kyouko. my main reason for mentioning kyouko now is the fact she is climbing all over me right now... well now she's on one of my desks and so i better get her off until i've cleaned that surface a little better ^^;

after retrieving kyouko

on second thought, i'm not terribly in the mood to juggle around so many things so soon after getting up. i will finish this later (or if i don't then consider this a teaser for the blog post to come and stay tasty o/).

in the future...

i opened this up so i could write some more and so there'd be more of a chance something in my first post in a year might be actually maybe a little interesting, but then i remembered i was going to update the rss and atom feeds manually, too, so the less there is for me to put in there, the easier that job will be. i'm probably going to be redoing or at least updating the whole of my blog, by which i mean i may be changing the overall look somewhat and making current and overhauling the static pages; i may do some general code clean-up. i have some things to write about that i think are interesting so i hope you do, too.

hopefully i can do better at keeping this updated but i need to work something out as far as an ideal static website generator for me soon in order to do that. why is there always so much to be done? don't answer that. it was rhetorical.

stay tasty o/